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NEUROvitalis – Prevention and therapy of brain dysfunction in neurology and geriatrics

A screening test checks mental performance

The following areas can be tested:

  • Verbal short-term and medium-term memory
  • Visual-spatial attention
  • Spatial cognition
  • Word finding / language
  • Ability to plan
  • Predisposition to depression (questionnaire)
  • Skills in everyday life (questionnaire)

More information about the screening…

NEUROvitalis is part of HeadApp

The NEUROvitalis online training is part of the HeadApp software.

You can start right away. The screening tests are free of charge. If you want to use the training programs, purchase a license in the program.

Function-specific training of mental functions

Based on the results of the screening, a training program tailored to your personal profile will be suggested.

If the results are consistently inconspicuous, a wide range of training across the entire range of tasks, which can be freely selected, makes sense.

Training programs are available in the following areas:

The levels of difficulty adapt to your personal performance over the course of the training.

Regular, daily training is useful in order to achieve noticeable effects.

At the end of each training you will receive a clear evaluation. You can also connect with a therapist who can configure and monitor your training (teletherapy).

Use by therapists and at home

NEUROvitalis is a scientifically based neuropsychological computer based training to promote mental performance.

It is aimed at both therapists and patients who want to use a well-founded, scientifically evaluated program to maintain or increase mental performance.

In particular, people who suffer from changes in their brain performance due to age or illness can train effectively in a function-specific and adaptive manner with this program.

Regardless of which task you are working with in the NEUROvitalis program – the working memory is basically also trained (exception: language). According to the latest scientific findings, it is especially working memory training that shows an effective transfer to the cognitive functional level in everyday life.

Additional therapy instructions, documents for group training and courses for NEUROvitalis therapists can be purchased in the ProLog shop.