NEUROvitalis - Therapy in Geriatrics

NEUROvitalis – prevention and therapy in geriatrics

A screening test checks mental performance

The following areas can be tested:

  • Verbal short-term and medium-term memory
  • Visual-spatial attention
  • Spatial cognition
  • Word finding / language
  • Ability to plan
  • Predisposition to depression (questionnaire)
  • Skills in everyday life (questionnaire)

More information about the screening…

NEUROvitalis is part of HeadApp

The NEUROvitalis online training is part of the HeadApp software.

You can start right away. The screening tests are free of charge. If you want to use the training programs, purchase a license in the program.

Training the skills to stay mentally fit

If the screening test determines that you have deficits in a certain area, suitable training programs will be suggested.

If you have no deficits, you can use the programs as you wish to stay mentally fit.

Training programs are available in the following areas:

All programs start easily and become increasingly difficult, so they adapt to your performance. Exercise every day, then get better!

At the end of each training you will receive a clear evaluation. You can also connect with a therapist who will configure and monitor your training (teletherapy).

Use by therapists

NEUROvitalis is a scientifically based neuropsychological group training to promote mental performance.

It is aimed at therapists and group leaders who want to offer a well-structured, comprehensive 12-stage program for older people who want to prevent age-related cognitive decline.

Thanks to its two-stage structure, it is also suitable for patients who suffer from mild cognitive disorders and want to stabilize their mental performance.

With its implementation instructions for the trainer, the function-specific group and individual exercises and the psychoeducative elements, it offers effective and varied training for use in clinics, medical practices and senior institutions.

Therapy instructions, documents for group training and courses for NEUROvitalis therapists can be purchased in the ProLog shop.