HeadApp and NEUROvitalis for clinics, practices and at home
Brain function training – modern, versatile and efficient

A digital therapy platform

The two program modules HeadApp and NEUROvitalis digital emerged from a different development history. They can be used independently of one another, but they can complement each other and thus optimize the training effect.

HeadApp and NEUROvitalis digital address the following cognitive domains: memory, working memory, attention, reaction and impulse control, planning and problem solving, spatial cognition, language and everyday functions. The combination of both programs provides a variety of tasks that make it possible to train each cognitive domain not just with one, but with several exercises. This ensures a varied, versatile, stimulating training that counteracts the fatigue effect during long periods of use.

Targeted training, based on the user’s cognitive profile, promises the best therapeutic success.
If no neuropsychological test results are available at the start of training, it is advisable to carry out a cognitive screening that is digitally embedded in NEUROvitalis. Based on these results, an individual therapy plan with tasks from both program modules is made available to the individual user. Nevertheless, the therapist still has the option of setting all levels of difficulty and other task parameters individually.

HeadApp Logo

HeadApp was developed for use by patients with severe cognitive impairments. It can therefore be used in the early phase of acute damage and diseases of the brain – and in the case of dementia developments even in the advanced phase of treatment. A large number of images are used in training that are specially tailored to the performance of the patient and can be selected according to the preference of the person exercising.

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NEUROvitalis is aimed at healthy elderly people who want to preventively counteract the decline in cognitive age, as well as neurological, psychiatric and geriatric patients with mild to moderate cognitive impairments. The exercises are complex and varied and therefore have more of a playful than practicing character. They were developed based on theory. The effectiveness of the exercise paradigms of the NEUROvitalis paper version (available in German language only) has been proven in several randomized, controlled studies (Cologne University Hospital) on the elderly and various patient groups.

Interesting facts and details

Individually adaptable

All programs have a variety of tasks that can be adapted to the individual requirements of the trainee. Possible adjustments are e.g. the type of task material, the visual presentation of the stimuli, the type of stimulation, etc.
Here it was important to us to find a healthy mix of automatic difficulty adjustment and the fulfillment of individual wishes.

The programs cover a wide range of difficulty, which is adaptively adapted to the requirements of the practitioner. The result: The user sets whether the training should start with easier or more challenging tasks. The program then takes over the adjustment.

In order to document the course of therapy for patients, we provide the IADL scale in the HeadApp Professional Version.

Topic selection

The large number of our images is so large that you can choose which therapy material you want to work with.

Optokinetic Stimulation (OKS)

Patients with visual neglect often overlook part of the screen and thus find it difficult to solve tasks on the computer. To support them, optokinetic stimulation can optionally be switched on in HeadApp where it makes sense.
A moving point cloud on the background of the screen “draws” the trainee’s attention to the neglected side. You can also read the theoretical basics of Prof. Kerkhoff on the Science page.

Speech output

HeadApp reads out instructions, guidance and feedback to the user. See the Speech Output page for details.


HeadApp works on all common computers: PC (Windows and Mac), tablet and mobile phone (Android and iOS) and of course also on the Internet.

A sensitive handling of patient data is a personal concern of ours. The HeadApp servers are located in Amazon data centers in Frankfurt, Germany.

In accordance with data protection guidelines, personal data and therapy data are managed in separate databases.

All data is AES encrypted via passwords and every data transmission is carried out according to the TLS standard (encryption at bank level).

Further information can be found in our data protection declaration.

Unrivaled affordable!

We are of the opinion: Good therapy software shouldn’t be expensive, everyone should be able to use HeadApp and NEUROvitalis.

[CBC show=”n” country=”us, in”]The cheapest option is a HeadApp/NEUROvitalis patients license for 99 € / US$109 for 3 months.[/CBC]

Details on the costs can be found here.

The HeadApp terms of service and our privacy policy apply.