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Professional Therapy

HeadApp is digital cognitive rehabilitation therapy. The program is used by therapists in medical rehab centers, hospitals, geriatric facilities, nursing homes and doctor’s offices, and even by affected persons at home. Experts have long known that brain capacity training helps.
The software can be used in two versions: Therapists use the HeadApp Pro Version, affected people use the HeadApp Home Version.

Due to GDPR and HIPPA compliant  internet-based information and data storage, training at home can be controlled and supervised by therapists.

The training consists of difficulty levels ranging from easy for patients to challenge for the most difficult training. Details can be found under Products.

HeadApp allows telemedical care for patients. You can find details on this on the Telepractice page.

Medical Device

CE markHeadApp / NEUROvitalis is a class I medical device.

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Pick It Training am iPad

Two program parts – one goal: best possible brain training for everyone!

We offer two parts of the program, depending on the training goal.

The classic HeadApp is used when your brain performance is to be trained due to damage.

The new NEUROvitalis, if changes due to aging are to be prevented or treated.

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Training with HeadApp usually starts in a rehabilitation center. After a stroke, concussion or brain surgery, patients have to practice concentration and mental recall. The specific term for this training is “Computer-based Cognitive Rehabilitation Therapy”.

Cognitive therapy, however, doesn’t only have an effect in case of severe deficits in brain capacity. HeadApp is also helpful in case of milder forms of concentration and memory disorders. Further classical areas of application are:

  • psychiatric rehabilitation (e.g. schizophrenia and recuperation)
  • multiple sclerosis
  • ADD and ADHD (in children and adults)
  • geriatrics, dementia (NEUROvitalis)

More detailed information can be found under Users.

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Make better use of your own possibilities

Brain injuries often cause the loss of brain cells. Even the basic aging process affects brain capacity. Luckily, this doesn’t mean that the functions of these nerve cells are lost forever.

The maintained neurons can reconnect and form new networks. However, this doesn’t happen by itself. As with a muscle, which grows through training, new neural connections form in the brain through training.  New areas undertake the skills that were lost earlier due to brain damage.

Many recent studies show that brain capacity training helps – see page Science. Train with HeadApp, make use of your possibilities and have fun doing so!

Video introduction

Please find our videos here.


The HeadApp has in comparison to many other cognitive training programs a very appealing design, which makes the exercises interesting, so that no boredom comes up.
Due to the individually selectable degree of difficulty, the programs can be well adapted to the current performance of the patient, so that the training is neither too difficult nor too easy.
Very practical is also the option to underlay the programs the optokinetic stimulation. So you can combine every training program with neglect therapy.
Isabel Gey, therapistDay Hospital for Cognitive Neurology, Leipzig, Germany
Dear HeadApp team, first of all a 'thank you' for this great program.
I'm as a non-affected person have my pleasure in the good clear presentation of the tasks too.
For my husband we bought a tablet to use HeadApp, it's big enough and he can use HeadApp by tapping and wiping very well.
From the middle of last year we treated my husband by the program, a recommendation of his neuropsychologist.
My husband had a posterior infarction on the left, is completely mobile, but has amnesia, alexia, agnosia and hemianopia.
Gisela S.Wife of a stroke victim
My name is Detlef E.
I had a severe traumatic brain injury. My therapist recommended HeadApp to me and I'm thrilled!
This is such a good therapy program, unimaginably good. It is great fun to train the brain, and you can see progress every day.
I use HeadApp 3 times 45 minutes a day....
My short-term memory was improved, on mental math I'm better than before the accident, and the reaction time is also much better.
Thanks for this great program!
Detlef E.TBI patient, home user