Pharma Collaboration

HeadApp Pharma-Kooperation

We invite you to explore the potential of collaborating with HeadApp and leveraging our digital health platform to enhance your research and development efforts, improve patient engagement, and expand market access.

HeadApp is a GDPR-compliant cloud platform designed to assist therapists in providing computer-aided cognitive rehabilitation to their patients. The application can be used on any internet-enabled computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

Our software provides a valuable resource for pharmaceutical and biotech companies conducting clinical research and developing new therapies.

Are you involved in the development of drugs and therapies for neurological or psychiatric conditions associated with cognitive deficits or decline? If so, we offer a distinctive opportunity for pharmaceutical and biotech companies to collaborate with us across a range of areas.

Research and Development

Our platform can help pharmaceutical companies conduct clinical studies and research projects to validate the effectiveness of their drugs in real-world environments. Our platform can collect data on patients’ symptoms, medication intake, and treatment outcomes, which can be analyzed to generate valuable insights for drug development and optimization.

Patient Engagement

We can help pharmaceutical companies engage with patients and improve their treatment outcomes by integrating their drug offerings into our platform. Personalized dosing schedules, reminders, and informational materials can be integrated to help patients better manage their conditions.

Market Access

Collaborating with HeadApp can help pharmaceutical companies expand their access to new markets and patient populations. Our extensive network of healthcare providers and patients can promote their drugs and increase acceptance.

Digital Therapeutics

We can also help pharmaceutical companies explore the potential of developing digital therapeutics. By combining our expertise in software development with your company’s expertise in drug development, we can create innovative therapy solutions that integrate drug therapy with digital tools for better patient outcomes.

Our team is dedicated to supporting your research by examining the feasibility, efficacy, and acceptability of combined or sequential therapeutic treatments. We provide consultative support, licensing, and training to ensure the highest level of service. Wherever you are in your trial planning journey, we will be with you every step of the way! Our experts are here to collaborate and provide the best possible solutions.

Contact us to learn more about how we can help your company in research and development, patient engagement, market access, and digital therapeutics.

Frank Schulze, CEO

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