Start your training with HeadApp

HeadApp Home:
Version for patients

We think: A good therapy software should not be expensive, everyone should be able to use HeadApp.

The purchase price of the home version is a single 39 € for 3 month use, no subscription, no follow-up costs.

After downloading and installing, select the Home version the first time you start HeadApp.

If you bought HeadApp in the Play Store or App Store, you can begin training right away after registering; you have already paid for HeadApp in the store.

For all other versions, buy HeadApp before first use in the program. After registration you will be redirected to a payment website. You can pay by credit card, SEPA transfer (with IBAN) or PayPal.

Note: If you plan to use HeadApp on Tablet AND PC, please purchase the license first on the tablet. The license purchased in the Google Play Store or Apple App Store can then be used on the PC as well.
However, a license that you have purchased on the PC can not be transferred to a tablet for technical reasons.

HeadApp Professional:
Version for clinics, doctor’s offices and therapists

HeadApp Professional costs from 13 € monthly per subscription for 10 “active” patients.
If you are treating or administering more than 10 patients per month with HeadApp, you can change the subscription, choose discounted packages for 20 and 50 patients.

Recommend HeadApp Home to your patients for a one-off purchase price of 39 € without follow-up costs!
HeadApp Home users are not counted in your Professional Version.

You can install and use HeadApp Professional on multiple devices (PCs, mobile devices) in your facility. A subscription is valid for all devices using the same login. Patients can train on multiple devices (PCs, tablets) at the same time. The number of concurrent patients depends on the type of subscription you have.

Free HeadApp Pro trial: Therapists can try out HeadApp for two weeks for free.

After downloading and installing, at the first HeadApp launch, you choose to use the Professional version. After registration, the trial period begins.
When the trial period is over, decide whether you want to complete a HeadApp subscription. You will be redirected to a website where you can manage and pay for your subscription (credit card or direct debit authorization).