HeadApp/NEUROvitalis Home for patients

Training after traumatic brain injuries helps! That is why we believe that good therapy software should not be expensive, everyone should be able to use HeadApp.

A HeadApp license costs € 39 / US$ 47 / 3 months,
a NEUROvitalis license costs € 27 / US$32 / 3 months,
both parts of the program together cost € 59 / US$ 71 / 3 months.

Online version

This price applies to the “online version”, which means the version that you install yourself.
A constant internet connection is required during the training.

You acquire a license for 3 months. If you want to continue using HeadApp after 3 months, the license can be extended.

You use HeadApp directly in the web browser via https://start.headapp.com or install the program after downloading it from the website, via the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

When you start HeadApp/NEUROvitalis for the first time, select the home version.

The NEUROvitalis screening tests within the program are free of charge, if you want to train, buy HeadApp before the first use within the program. After registration you will be redirected to a payment website. You can pay by credit card, SEPA transfer (with IBAN) or PayPal.

Note: If you plan to use HeadApp/NEUROvitalis on Tablet AND PC, please purchase the license first on the tablet. The license purchased in the Google Play Store or Apple App Store can then be used on the PC as well.
However, a license that you have purchased on the PC can not be transferred to a tablet for technical reasons.

HeadApp/NEUROvitalis Professional for therapists

Install HeadApp/NEUROvitalis from the Internet and start your therapy.
If you are interested in a trial, use the professional version on the Internet at https://start.headapp.com, upon registration you will have access to the full version for 14 days.
After the end of the trial, you decide whether you want to purchase a license, not an automatism!

A HeadApp license costs € 699 / US$ 799 a year.

This license includes one therapist login with unlimited number of patients.
All therapy modules (HeadApp and NEUROvitalis) and the screening can be used at facility and at home by your patients.
Each additional therapist login (same facility)
costs € 349 / US$ 399 (50%) a year.

Please contact us for a detailed offer.

Online version

You can install and use HeadApp/NEUROvitalis Professional Online on multiple devices (PCs, mobile devices) in your facility. An online license is valid for all devices that use the same login. Patients can therefore train on several devices (PCs, tablets) at the same time. The number of patients exercising at the same time depends on the type of your license.

When you start HeadApp/NEUROvitalis for the first time, select the professional version.
You will be redirected to a website where you can manage and pay for your license (by credit card or direct debit ans PayPal).

On our Telepractice page you can find information on how care at home and what you need to consider.