Telepractice: Supervised training with HeadApp

Telepractice for your patients

With teletherapy, patients can practice with HeadApp (a program for digital cognitive rehabilitation therapy) under supervision from a therapist but without physical contact.
This also means training outside of set appointments, e.g. at home or on a publicly accessible PC. A lot of rehabilitation clinics already have patients training with a tablet in the patients’ rooms. Both the tasks and the results are monitored digitally by therapists.

Teletherapy increases the frequency of training and thus its effectiveness; therefore it can be used to supplement a wide range of treatments.

To use teletherapy, you need
a) either as a patient – a license for HeadApp Home Online
b) or as the supervising institution – a license for HeadApp with the option “self-training”

What options does teletherapy offer?

With HeadApp, patients can practice unsupervised according to their therapist’s instructions. The therapist decides which training programs should be used.
HeadApp automatically saves the results of all exercises that the patient carries out without supervision. In HeadApp Professional, the frequency and duration of each session as well as the patient’s results are available to the therapist.

HeadApp can be installed on a desktop PC or laptop (Windows or Mac), or as an app (Android tablet or iPad).
The simplest way to start is to open HeadApp directly in your web browser.
The program does not need to be installed, simply go to

(In some facilities IT department restricts web access via a firewall.
If HeadApp does not start, ask your IT department to contact us.)

Evaluate the results and course of teletherapy

If the therapist’s and patient’s programs are linked, the therapist can view the patient’s progress at any time. All results are transferred automatically.

The therapist selects the patient he wants to evaluate from his list of patients, then clicks “Continue” on the right. The window with the module selection appears.

The button “Course of therapy / Results” is located on the right. If the therapist clicks on this button, a calendar appears. It provides an overview of the days on which the patient practiced.
Clicking on a calendar entry opens a bar chart with details such as exercise duration, level of difficulty or error rate.

Instructions for performing teletherapy

You can find detailed instructions here:

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