Self-training: HeadApp without direct therapeutic supervision

Self-training for your patients

In HeadApp self-training, all patients in a facility can practice with HeadApp without the supervision of the therapist. This also means training outside of therapy times, possible e.g. in the evening, on a publicly accessible PC or with a tablet in a patient room.

Self-training increases the frequency of training and thus the effectiveness of the training and can therefore be used to supplement the range of therapies.

Detailed instructions on how to care for your patients in telepractice can be found on the Telepractice website.

For the HeadApp Pro Online version, self-training can be purchased as an additional option (Additional costs: 50% of HeadApp base price).

Setup of self-training

As a therapist (or administrator), you can determine which devices are used in your facility for self-training. All devices on which HeadApp is available online (PCs, tablets, iPads) can be used for personal training.

Log in to these devices with your therapist login and click on the “Therapist / facility” button in the patient list below.

Patient administration window

In the “Therapist data” window, activate the option “Use this device for self-training” in the lower right corner and click “Continue”.
(Option is only available if you have a self-training license.)

If a patient is to use self-training, please inform them of their HeadApp patient ID. This patient ID is a 4-digit code made up of numbers and letters and is used for easy registration of the patient on the self-training device.

You will find the patient’s ID at the top right in the selection window for the therapy modules.

Choice of therapy programs

After the self-training is set up and the patient knows his ID, close HeadApp.

Use of self-training

Every time you restart HeadApp, a new login screen appears.

self-training login screen

The patient only needs his 4-digit patient ID for the HeadApp registration. After entering the correct ID, the patient immediately reaches the selection window for the therapy modules.

If you want to change settings or view results as a therapist, click on the “To therapist login” button.

Limit training and change options

If you want to restrict the module selection for the patient or prevent the patient from changing the settings of the program parameters that you have made, you can do this in the “Patient data” window. Select the patient in the patient list and click on “Edit”.

Patient home therapy setup

If you deactivate the option “Patient is allowed to change parameters”, the patient can no longer change the settings of the therapist.

You can use the “Limit access to modules” option to specify which modules the patient should work with. When you click on the “Module” button, a list of the therapy programs approved for this patient appears.

The lists are filled alternately by double-clicking on the respective modules.

limit module access