HeadApp can be used in all stages of therapy.

Acute therapy after stroke, injuries to the head, and damages to the brain

HeadApp can be used in case of all neurological diseases. For patients with severe damages to the brain, the program has especially easy tasks available for training.  As soon as the patients are able to sit in a wheelchair in front of a computer monitor, they can start training with HeadApp.  A large display with touchscreen is recommended.

A list of the application fields of HeadApp can be found under “Benefit”.

Doctor’s office:
Application in the neuropsychological outpatient department, speech and occupational therapy

If there are still cognitive deficits after leaving the rehabilitation clinic, treatment is continued by licensed therapists. The patient can bring “his or her therapy data” along from the clinic to the therapist’s office and by doing so, continue therapy without difficulties.

The therapy can be performed in the therapist’s office on a PC or, even more likely, a  laptop or tablet computer. This way, the therapist can take HeadApp along when visiting the patients at home.

At home:
Brain training after illness or to prevent progression of dementia

Many studies prove: Brain training helps. The more often the better. Especially after an illness, the brain should be trained every day, aiming at  early recovery of brain performance.

So why just practice in the clinic or doctor’s office? HeadApp can be easily used at home. Try it! HeadApp automatically varies the degree of difficulty of each task according to your performance level: from easy to challenging. This way you will enjoy training for a long time.

Training at home can be supervised by therapists

All information about supervised home training can be found here.