HeadApp Home - modern therapy at the bedside and at home

At the rehab hospital bedside

During the treatment of cognitive disorders in clinics and rehab facilities, therapy should not be limited to exercises under supervision. You can achieve more in your rehab!

Those affected also have enough time to continue their exercises in the hospital bed or on a publicly accessible PC in the evening to support their own rehabilitation.
HeadApp / NEUROvitalis offers this form of therapy as “self-training”.

Therapists configure and monitor training online. Logging into bedside training is easy (4-digit PIN) and secure1). We would be happy to activate the “self-training” for you, please contact us.

At home after the clinic

After the stay in the clinic, i.e. with care in an outpatient clinic / with a therapist, success in rehabilitation is achieved through training as often as possible. With HeadApp / NEUROvitalis, those affected can also practice at home, under the guidance and supervision of a therapist.

The care takes place with or without fixed therapy guidelines, as required. Data is transmitted securely and encrypted, intuitively and easily, the user does not need any technical knowledge.

The practice decides whether the patients acquire the home training license themselves or whether the practice provides the license. We would be happy to activate the home training option for you, please contact us.

HeadApp Home – modern, online, digital

HeadApp / NEUROvitalis is available on all devices. You can start and configure the training in the therapy room on the PC, then continue at the bedside or at home, e.g. on a laptop or tablet.

All data are always available online1). That means: the system is very easy to use. You don’t have to load the data back and forth in a complicated way, it’s just always there. Regardless of where the person concerned last worked, he always continues where he last left off. Therapists always have access to the entire course of therapy.

Therapy plan included

Therapy at home can be supported by the therapist using a therapy plan. You have two options as to how specific / complex the therapy plan should be. See the following documentation for details.

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1) Of course, all data is encrypted according to banking standards. HeadApp is a CE-marked medical device!