Positive experiences at the day clinic for cognitive neurology

We have been using HeadApp in our day clinic for cognitive neurology at the University of Leipzig for two years, a reason for us to share our positive experiences with everyone.
Purchased as a supplement or alternative to the long-established training programs, the HeadApp has become an important component when it comes to the selection of training programs for cognitive training on the computer for our patients.
The programs are also designed adaptively within the individual difficulty levels. For example, our dementia patients train in the “easy” training level without being overwhelmed.
But even our patients who are about to return to work will find a range of tasks that match their abilities at the latest at the “crazy” difficulty level.
The use of real photos from e.g. beautiful landscapes, cute animals or delicious food also makes it easier for patients with a reduced drive to maintain their motivation to exercise over a longer period of time.
The programs are also structured in such a way that their operation can be learned quickly, so that it is possible for the patient to continue the training independently after discharge at home. (Translated from German language)
Isabel Gey, Day clinic for cognitive neurology, University Hospital Leipzig, Germany

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