Stop Corona Spread

Supervised home training for your patients until end of July, free of charge

To prevent the spread of the Corona Virus, it is necessary to stay at home. But what about patients who need therapy?

HeadApp allows supervised training of cognitive skills at home.

All HeadApp therapy modules are available online to those affected. Therapists can (but do not have to) determine which skills should be trained.
After training, the therapist can see the patient’s complete course of therapy.

We enable all patients to use the HeadApp Home Version free of charge online on the PC. Ask your therapist if he is treating you in telepractice!

Usage details

Access to HeadApp is unbureaucratic.

Patients start HeadApp on their PC via the website and select “Home Version”.
To register once, you must click “Register”, enter an email and a password.

Afterwards, you send your registration email to your therapist. He/she writes an informal email to
“I would like to treat my patient: first name, last name, email, with HeadApp, I ask for a free license.”

When we receive the email, we activate the license and the training can begin.

To care for the patient in telepractice, please follow the instructions on the website Telepractice.