Pick It: Attention and Focus

Aim of the training

"Pick it" easy

Attention, visual scanning and concentration

Pick It starts with very distinct images. This way, even patients with severe impairments can train according to their abilities for a long time in easy levels, and still have a lot of variety in the image material.

"Pick It" hard

The training person views a set of images. They look very similar, but have hidden differences. Here, the task is also to find the one matching the yellow framed image.

This task requires a high amount of concentration. In addition to attention, visual scanning (for patients with neglect and hemianopsia) is trained.

With increasing difficulty, the number of images increases and the distinctness decreases.


Settings "PickIt"

Stars per level

This parameter is used to set how many tasks have to be solved by the training person before the level of difficulty is increased (in case of a good performance). If the tasks were too difficult, the level of difficulty can also decrease.

New! Train with a time limit

When activated, each task is carried out twice.
In the first run, it is measured what time the trainee needs to process a group of images.
In the second round, the exerciser then competes against the time set by himself.

This option promotes the rapid processing of a task, but represents an additional stressor.
On lower levels of difficulties (with short search and answer times) the task may appear as too difficult. Better activate this option on higher levels of difficulty only.

Limit training duration

Due to time management or for therapeutic reasons, limiting the training duration may be useful.

When you are clicking on “Limit training duration”, a slide control appears. By means of this slide control, the therapy duration can be set between 10 and 60 minutes.

Aphasia mode

PickIt Medium

Above, an image of the level of difficulty Medium is shown. The images have the same topic (e.g. animals), but they are easy to distinguish.

The aphasia mode image-word is enabled. In this example, the image matching the word “panda” has to be found.

Course of the training

"Pick It" medium

The level of difficulty of the training automatically in- or decreases, depending on the percentage of the correctly selected images. 4 degrees of difficulty are available (Easy, Medium, Hard and Challenge), each degree has 8 levels of difficulty.

Zoom function

PickIt Zoom

This image shows the difficulty degree Crazy as an example. At this difficulty degree, the differences are very small and only visible in the details.

To allow every HeadApp user (also people with visual impairments) to use HeadApp, a zoom function is implemented.

Patients with neglect are supported by an additional opto-kinetic stimulation during training.