Match It: Matching Pairs, Visual Scanning, Calculating and Money

Aim of the training

The therapy module “Match It” visually trains aspects of the selective, divided and spatial attention.

4 training modes are implemented: comparing images, calculating, tasks with money and tasks to train mental rotation.

The ability to visually scan is trained because further areas of the screen have to be scanned permanently to solve the task.


Module Match It Basics

In “Basics”, numbers and / or letters have to be put in de- or ascending order.


Module Match It Easy


Module Match It Medium


Module Match It "Hard"


Module Match It Medium - Rotation


Settings Match It

Stars per level

This parameter is used to set how many tasks have to be solved by the training person before the level of difficulty is increased (in case of a good performance). If the tasks were too difficult, the level of difficulty can also decrease.

Limit training duration

Due to time management or for therapeutic reasons, limiting the training duration may be useful.

When you are clicking on “Limit training duration”, a slide control appears. By means of this slide control, the therapy duration can be set between 10 and 60 minutes.

Training modes

The therapist / patient can set the percentage of the four training modes during training by means of the slide controls.

Course of the training

The level of difficulty of the training automatically in- or decreases, depending on the percentage of the correctly matched pairs. 4 degrees of difficulty are available (Easy, Medium, Hard and Challenge), each degree has 8 levels of difficulty.

The ‘Zoom function’ is also available here.

In the “Rotation” mode, a ‘Rotation function’ is available. Especially at the beginning of the training, it is easier for the patient to compare images when he / she can rotate and match them.

Module "Match It", Crazy