My World: Activity-oriented training in the everyday life of patients

Aim of the training

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Train what the patient needs in everyday life

Activity-oriented training leads to more efficient treatments because clients take on a more active role in the therapy process.

A new quality begins with “My World”!

An individual, computer-aided therapy process is created in which activity is learned – and measurable, visible and documentable in all phases.

In the HeadApp module “My World”

Therapists can easily create individual, everyday tasks in collaboration with clients and relatives.

This creates activity-oriented training in the three areas of self-sufficiency, productivity and leisure (Canadian Model of Occupational Performance and Engagement – CMOP-E).

The MyWorld training was examined by the ZUYD University as part of a bachelor thesis and is recommended for training according to COMP-E.

You can only use the therapy program “My World” online. It is not available in the HeadApp offline version.

Create tasks

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Take photos, define tasks

Everything from the personal environment can be recorded with the integrated photo function. If you already have images in digital form, they can simply be loaded into My World.

Then you develop tasks with the help of the photos. For example, you can define the order in which certain activities must be carried out, or you can enter questions and answers that should be answered about the photo.

Watch in the video,
how “My World” works

(German language, English subtitles)

Training of daily routines

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First memorize, then reproduce

On the basis of the “photo show” with spoken explanations, actions are learned in sequence. Then questions on the topic are asked.

Training modes:

  • Find the headline for the picture.
  • Find the picture for the headline.
  • Sort the pictures in the correct order.
  • Answer questions about the picture.

Reusable tasks

The tasks you have developed can be used for all of your patients. This saves time, ensures efficiency!

A task like “The way to my practice” with the photo sequence bus stop – traffic light crossing – house entrance – doorbell sign – hallway – practice door can be created quickly and helps in your practice and with the patients at home.