Flip It and Pair It: Short-term memory

Aim of the training

Imagine that you would have 800 memory games in your locker. You don’t? Then take the opportunity and use HeadApp!

Modul Pair It Mittel

The task is to memorize images and find them again. Therefor, two game modes are available. With increasing difficulty, more and more items have to be memorized. Additionally, the complexity of image contents can be adjusted.

For patients with aphasia, a special version of the program has been developed. The transfer of memory contents from images into words and from words into images can be trained.


Settings Module "Flip It"

Stars per level

The stars represent the number of tasks to be solved before the performance is finally evaluated. In case of a good performance, the difficulty degree increases. However, in case of a very weak performance, the difficulty degree can also decrease.

Limit training duration

In institutions with a limited duration of the therapy sessions, the duration of the training can be limited. A training time between 10 and 60 minutes can be set.

Aphasia mode (dimensions)

If necessary, the aphasia mode can be enabled.

Modul FlipIt Medium
Modul FlipIt Medium

The aphasia mode Image-Word is enabled. In this example, one has to search for the position of the correct image matching the word “banana”.

Modul FlipIt Medium

Course of the training

The difficulty degree of the training automatically in- or decreases, depending on the percentage of the correctly found images. There are 4 degrees of difficulty (Easy, Medium, Hard and Challenge); each degree has 8 levels of difficulty.

Pair It

Module Pair It Crazy

6 of the 10 cards are still visible. Two of them – those with the same dishes – are revealed. A 15-points-coin indicates that the cards match.

Flip It

Module Flip It hard

Six cards are visible. Four faces down, the other two show the same picture of a black-haired woman. The 15-points-coin indicates that the correct pair has been found.

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