Cooperation of HelferApp with NovaVision

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Partnership with NovaVision

We are very pleased to officially announce the partnership with NovaVision.

This partnership will provide patients and therapists in the German speaking countries with better innovative digital solutions for the rehabilitation of cognitive and visual disorders. It will bring together what belongs together in clinical routine – a “holistic digital treatment approach” for neurological disorders.

Therapists and patients can achieve better results, save time and money and obtain sustainable improvements

We are looking forward to the cooperation with you.

Our therapists will be there for you!

HelferApp has been developing software for the therapy of cognitive and visual disorders for years. Our team includes experts for the following areas: attention, memory, language, everyday life and vision.

Our managing director, Dipl.-Ing. Frank Schulze, has been an engineer since the 90s and was trained at the Medical Faculty of the University of Magdeburg in the fields of computer science, medical technology and psychology. Through his cooperation with many renowned research institutions in neuropsychology, he became an expert in computer-assisted programs for the treatment of neurological disorders.

Patient exercises with VRT therapist

Our head therapist, Dorothee Schlüter, worked on the development of new methods for vision therapy at the Medical Faculty of the University of Magdeburg in the 90s. She was one of the first employees of NovaVision and as head of clinical services, responsible for more than 2800 patients. Your therapy is still in good hands.

No change to existing contracts

Nothing changes for patients. You continue to carry out the training as before. We are at your service.

For any questions please contact us under the same e-mail address and telephone number like before.

Our therapists will introduce themselves to you as soon as they make contact for the first time. Be curious and have confidence!